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I was born in Minsk, Belarus, and came to Chicago in 1992. I became involved with photography in 1999 while taking pictures of family and friends. Since then, I've explored many genres, the most recent of which is nature wallpaper. My first camera was a Samsung 35 mm slim zoom 1150 camera, and in 2001 purchased my first digital camera: the Sony DSC-P71. In the past I had a Nikon D70 and 3 more lenses, besides the one that comes with it. As of now I own a Nikon D200 with a slew of lenses. Wallpaper will be updated frequently, depending on the time.

For a while I've been contemplating the idea of designing a website, and I've already had a few "test" sites. My first designs were all experimental, and with every website, I have learned something new. Whether it was about organization or style, I have always been, and always will be, striving to improve. In the past, I used programs that were provided free of charge and had very limited capabilities. For web design now-a-days, I use Dreamweaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3.

I am currently working as a marketing specialist for an online retailer. I have a primary focus on SEO optimization . I have decided to display all the information regarding this site below.


This domain, Eugenef.com Flowers Wallpaper - Digital Photography, was bought in July of 2003. A lot of domains were purchased to direct users to this site, but are currently on sale. If anyone wishes to buy a domain, please contact me to do so, Thank you. Are you looking for green flowers, white flowers, or even yellow flowers, we have them! We have over 1300 images and growing rappidly! Whether you are looking for a picture of a belgium buildings, or an israeli buildings, or perhaps even a shot of chicago buildings, we have them!