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Photography Around The World

We have one of the largest original collections of over 6000 royalty free photographs exclusively created by us taken all over the entire world ranging from architecture in Europe to landscapes in Indochina.
With every trip and adventure, we focus on the goal of creating and capturing trully something fantastical to share with our global community.
There are close to 800 free nature wallpaper backgrounds varying from flowers, animals, and many others.
All nature photographs have been photographed and distributed exclusively for us by a local Chicago photographer.
Architecture wallpaper is one of our largest collections of original desktop backgrounds and continues to grow.
With every country or continent we travel to we closely document all the architecture and landscape around to use here.
Utilizing aerial photography we were able to capture various cities around the world such as Chicago and many others.
Traveling is one of our biggest passions, from Amsterdam, Switzerland, and many others stay tuned as we explore the globe!


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