Desktop Wallpaper Market

The desktop wallpaper market has grown immensely since this free wallpaper website was established in 2003. Seems like content theft is on the rise and running ramped. We are trying to control the theft of our content but seems like a lot of sites are either stealing content from other sites or simply parsing content together in order to generate fresh content that doesn’t exactly make sense. We are hoping to constantly keep our content fresh and up to date. From airplanes, to vacation resorts, we will try to be sure to have everything covered. We are also noticing the rise in stock photography use across a variety of platforms – even large advertising agencies seem to be approaching the idea as budgets are sliced and diced and competitive agencies are trying to find an edge for their current or future clients. A lot of the work that we offer as free wallpaper – we have been slowly contributing to a variety of stock photography sites around the world. We have even developed a tutorial on how other photographers can make money with stock photography. The tutorial outlines exactly the procedure. We are also at a stand still with producing desktop wallpaper at high resolution yet ensuring the content is not stolen for reproduction or any commercial use, which may sometimes include outranking us in google. We have a very strong following and hope that as our site grows and that users all around the world report to us any kind of theft that has occurred. Thank you for visiting our free wallpaper portal and if you have any questions or comments – feel free to leave them with each intended image. All images are¬†copyrighted¬†by Eugene Feygin, a Chicago photographer.

I will also plan on traveling more around the world and hope to bring back a variety of wallpaper to share with you, whether you are simply interested in looking at it or use it as desktop wallpaper. I hope to be able to cover most of Europe and then move on to South America potentially. From the animals to the nature landscapes, my goal is to cover all of it! Thank you for checking out the site and keep coming back!

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