Free Desktop Wallpaper

We have one of the largest sections of free desktop wallpaper. Every computer has a desktop background. Many people never even switch theirs from the factory default. If you are tired of the same old boring splash screen, or perhaps the image your chose just does not fit right visit our site. for a new desktop that fits your screen and accents your own personal tastes. From professional abstract scenes through beautiful architecture around the world – we offers it all.

For professional settings or the family computer, there are thousands of options. The professional architecture file has over one thousand buildings from around the world, both famous and unknown to the general populace. Bridges from around the globe along side a handful of fountains and statues from Europe and the United States.

Transportations and cars are another great way to display your originality while not offending anyone is varying opinions. Fractal wallpapers are most common for office workers and personal use alike. These abstract works are often high contrast and while no specific image is intended, everyone who looks at it sees something new and unique. In image, that you are sure is a horse your college may see as a dog surfing, these offer many unique conversations,

To further your collection of non-offensive wallpapers there are beautiful aerial shots of many cost lines and skylines. Black and white as well as old fashion photos of many common objects, including cars, buildings and flowers. If nature is your thing, there is a gigantic nature folder as well as a slightly smaller collection of long exposure weather shots that display amazing lightning strikes.

If you computer is more for personal use, there is a range of professional sports teams and marching bands. In the professional model folder there is a male and female section. The male section includes varying nationalities all of which at clothed and tastefully posed.┬áNo matter what your personal tastes are there is a desktop that will be perfect for you, just remember anyone that can see your computer can see your desktop, if you don’t want you feministic coworker to preach at you, avoid the more sensual models, at least in the workplace.

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