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People on the internet love to get free stuff for their computer such as free desktop wallpaper. One of the most popular free items to download is wallpaper for a computer’s desktop. Wallpaper is the background image that appears behind the icons on your desktop, in case you didn’t know. There are some websites that charge money for you to download their wallpaper, but not us. We provide free wallpaper that looks just as appealing as wallpaper that you would normally pay for on other websites. There are a growing number of websites offering free wallpaper that will give you poor quality images with low resolution and dull colors.

Free WallpaperFree Desktop Wallpaper

Our free wallpaper imagery is high resolution and will bring life to the background of your desktop. These images are all real pictures that were taken by us. These are not merely illustrations done in Photoshop, like you might see on other wallpaper websites. All of our wallpaper images are categorized by different types of scenery. We have nature wallpaper that has images of picturesque landscapes of rocky terrain, snowy mountains, waterfalls and much more. We also have aerial photographs taken from real life airplanes while looking down below. If you are an animal lover we have wallpaper that has a variety of high resolution images of many exotic animals from all around the world. We have lions, apes, tigers and much more. Besides nature related images, we also have desktop wallpaper images of manmade structures featuring various architectural buildings. You can choose anything from a hotel on a Caribbean beach to a sky rise in the Middle East.Free Desktop Wallpapers

The resolution of our free wallpaper images come in two sizes. You can choose between 1024×768 or 1280×1024. There is even a comment section for each desktop wallpaper image where you can read and share your opinions about the wallpaper with others who have downloaded it. Since this is free wallpaper, you can expect to see a lot of comments in this section. These comments will give you some idea on how the different wallpapers stand out on a desktop. Please note that you cannot redistribute any of our wallpaper by placing them on other websites or providing download links to them. Also, you cannot sell the wallpaper or profit from them in any way. You can only use the wallpaper images for personal use as a desktop background for your computer. If you want to purchase the wallpaper for commercial use or for a print, then you need to contact ¬†us for more information on image licensing or check out the Buy Images section.

Free Wallpapers

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