Free Nature Wallpaper

Your desktop wallpaper says a lot about yourself, interests and hobbies, If you love nature there is a wide range of nature wallpaper available to use all at no cost to you. From animals to landscapes no matter your fancy there is a nature based wallpaper for your desktop. There are three animal categories, domesticated animals such as house cats and dogs. Under water which includes a spectacular jellyfish image and wild which includes everything from savannah cats to jungle creatures.

The flower wallpaper category includes over eighty images in red, yellow, blue and green flowers. There are also white flowers and orange for those who don’t care for common colors. The landscape include picturesque views from Israel, the grand canyon, Switzerland and many other generic shots of things like parking lots, small towns and many waterways around the world. There is another category of waterfalls for those that really enjoy waterscapes. In addition to a beach section of foot steps and words drawn I pristine white sand beaches. Sun sets are much like the landscapes, there are an assortment of locations including land, sea and air, the pictures subtly focus on the sun itself while still highlighting the beauty of the surroundings.

The fruit wallpaper section has not only an verity of colors but an abundance of common and exotic fruits. There are singular fruits as well as bowls, crates and boxes of fruits. Whole and sliced fruit are also shown in brilliant colors. If fruit are not your thing, there is also a whole section just for vegetables. Should you enjoy bugs, or just want to bug out your friends there are a handful of insects including ants, flies and unidentified insects. All of them in natural habitats, sitting on leaves or flowers.

There is a large section of food, for those that just can not get enough tasty treats. There is a verity of meat, breads, nuts and candy. Both cooked and uncooked foods as well as foods in varying steps of preparation. Frpom your favorite mid day snack through extravagant dinner settings you are sure to find a desktop to fit your tastes. The final category for the nature loves is other miscellaneous pictures including wooden planks and dry cracked earth up close. With well over six hundred nature photos you are bound to find the perfect free desktop for you. Check out the rest of the free wallpaper we offer – primarily the free nature wallpaper.

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