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There are all kinds of wallpaper you can download, but nature wallpaper tends to be the most visually soothing to the naked eye. When looking at images of nature you can’t help but imagine yourself in these exotic destinations or around wildlife. Our most popular nature categories are landscapes and sunsets. Nature can be very beautiful, but unfortunately many of us live in places where we cannot see this beauty. So, why not download wallpaper that displays this beauty right onto your desktop? We have many picturesque wallpaper images of forested mountains, Swiss alps, desert canyons and state parks. There are even glorious waterfalls and beach sunsets that will take your breath away just by looking at them. All of our nature wallpaper images are actually photographs personally taken by us, which makes them authentic looking and not illustrated or animated like on other websites. Nature imagery is beautiful in its true lighting and our nature desktop wallpaper will surely transport you from your computer to a whole new environment that you have never experienced before.

 Flower WallpaperDew on Leaves

 As exciting as grassy mountains and sunsets may be to look at, we realize there are those that like to look at the simple beauties of nature. We have a wide selection of fruits and vegetable wallpaper that provide zoomed in high resolution images of your favorite produce. Everything in nature has beauty to it and you’ll be amazed how great this type of wallpaper will look in your desktop’s background. Definitely ideal for health nuts that want to encourage themselves to keep up their nutrition by having natural food staring at them through the computer. Now we realize that everybody is not into health and fitness, so we don’t want to keep you all out of the loop. That is why our nature category consists of food wallpaper that isn’t necessarily the healthiest, but certainly the tastiest. You’ll find food imagery like bratwursts, beer in a mug, eggs, steak, walnuts, barbecued ribs, bacon, chocolate candy, seafood, jumbo hot dogs and the list goes on! Just remember not to get too hungry when you have to stare at these backgrounds every day. We recommend switching your wallpaper frequently, so that you don’t get stuck with one image on your mind all the time. With all of the nature wallpaper that we provide for free, you will need plenty of time to try them all out on your desktop. Get your next free desktop wallpaper today!


Bonsai Tree

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