Day 11 – Traveling Around Peru

We all barely get out of bed around 9am as its pouring outside we all eat some breakfast and get ready for our adventure of Machu Picchu. We walked briskly down the hill, as we were all drenched while hoping for the sun to come out any minute. We got on a bus with random people – pushed in like sardines and off we went!Day-11-Machu-Picchu-Peru-Map

We arrived at Machu Picchu which just walking around was pretty hilly. I also learned that the elevation of Machu Picchu is actually not that much at all roughly 2400-2500 meters. The sun was finally coming out but the fog was still pretty prevalent. I was able to sneak in a walking stick just so I can actually keep up with the group through various tunnels and pathways. The whole thing seemed like it was mostly rock and seemed very impressive that they built something so grandiose at such altitude. The view from the top was amazing. At one point we got to the highest point and all took a picture. I took some amazing shots with the intense fog but it was very difficult to see past. Again no railing of any kind anywhere – I was surprised no one dies at these sites.fog-machu-picchu-peru machu-picchu-peru-inca-ruins machu-picchu-peru-mountain machu-picchu-peru machu-picchu-ruins machu-picchu-view view-machu-picchu-peru

We all explored and now it was time to get back down to the bus but the rounded walkway coming down was covered in slimy rocks – I walked steadily letting anyone pass me who wanted trying to walk as fast as I can without falling on my butt and destroying my camera. We finally got down and I left my walking stick there – we got back on the bus and headed this time for the train that we took up north.

As we arrived at the train station the rain had finally subsided and we sat in a huge train station waiting for our train to be ready with people sitting on the floors anxiously waiting for the trains to be ready. They were delayed by roughly an hour. As thy cleared the train – a mad panic immersed as everyone started running through the doors towards the trains trying to figure out where our seats are as if there would not be enough.

We sit down and share some stories between us as the train began to head back south to Cusco. Yet for some reason we had to stop sooner and take the bus the rest of the way. The bus drove on into the night what seemed like a never-ending day of travel.

We quickly got back in our rooms and settled in. A lot of people in the group were signed up for adventures like biking, rafting and horseback riding but I later found out there was an option 4 – cooking class!

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