Day 2 – Traveling Around Peru

The following morning after my alarm went off I was not in the best of moods – I walked over to get some food and then headed over to where we would have our meeting for the entire tour.

Day-2 Lima Peru Map

I sat down and quietly waited as the room began to slowly fill up with random strangers – most of who chose to remain pretty silent till the room was almost full. Our tour guide introduced herself and paired us up and we dispersed into our new rooms to relax and get ready. I got partnered with a pretty cool guy from the UK. The room they put us in was way more modern than the one I stayed and I was happy the trip was finally starting to go well. I relaxed in the room for some time till we had to meet downstairs for our tour of the city. Once we got on the bus I only then realized that most of the time the cab driver was driving us – we were mostly right on the edge of the cliff. Some of the people in the group checked out the beach but didn’t seem too excited about it. The weather that day was in the nice 70’s+F. The rest of the day I followed a group of girls that were on the tour to see where they were going to go eat since they said it was some pretty highly rated place. 4 girls and I wandered the streets trying to find this place. I simply followed – my sense of direction is not that great. After about 30-40 min of walking we stumbled onto the address the guide mentioned and it was just a grocery store and they had no idea what we were looking for.

Inca Ruins Lima

We gave up and went to a little bar/lunch place outside where they had some of the most amazing smoothies I had ever had. They would simply blend whatever fruit you want with a little ice and that was it! So amazing – makes me wonder where the US gets it’s fruit.

Lima Peru beach

After which we headed back to the rooms and tried to find something cool to do. We went on a walking tour and also wandered around some old ruins. After which we headed back.

traffic lima peru

I have had roommates in the past who snore and I am a very light sleeper so I get really mad when it happens. I asked the roommate I got if he snored and he mentioned no but it was in a very nonchalant way and I decided to take some sleeping pills just in case. One hour into it I hear the loudest snoring I had ever heard in my life! It was insanity. I was going on 4 hours of sleep and now I had this guy keeping me up for a second night. I came out of the room in some shorts on and wandered the hallways debating as to what to do. Do I hit him with a pillow do I yell? I tried yelling and nada. Eventually I wandered over to the front desk and they didn’t care – basically said well you can pay again to sleep in a room for a few hours. I put the pillow on my head and put in some ear buds and just passed out from frustration. Next morning we were destined to Arequipa.

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