Day 5 – Traveling Around Peru

I wake up fairly early with again a pretty short amount of sleep but ready for the next adventure. I packed all my stuff and gear and headed into the lodge area that had glass panels floor to ceiling with one of the best views I have ever seen besides Switzerland. It was majestic. There was a llama tied to a rope in the front of the building but as you looked out there was just so much to see – everything so beautiful and blossoming. It was amazing.


Today our trip was to Puno. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the view – I did my best to remember every piece of it but today was a new adventure and it was sadly time to go. We got on the bus and began our long ride to Puno.

peruvian-view-hotel roadway-puno-peru

We arrived pretty late and were all going to head out for dinner and then head to bed. A couple people stayed back because the altitude was really getting to them, as the altitude in Puno was over 3700 meters. I myself chose to grab some food and head back to the room and eat there and finally try to sleep one normal night. I just wanted some rest and this night the hotel was pretty nice and a few times throughout the night I stopped again at the lobby to get some oxygen. The elevation was starting to get to me but I was going my best to stay ahead of it.

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