Day 7 – Traveling Around Peru

Today we pack up and are ready to head to Cusco. We first stop at one of the oldest Inca sites and famous for being the home to the only remaining two story Inca walls – Raqchi. We wander through the historical site in a cold and rainy gloomy day. The guide explains the historical significance of the area and we finally settle into Cusco.
As we arrive at our hotel the guide gives us a few options. We can explore the city; go horseback riding or white water rafting. I opt out of all of them and just settle on exploring the city and relax a little. I get a great room granted for some reason it has three beds but who am I to complain. A couple of us buy some liquor that afternoon and have a small party in my room with drinks and food. The town was still at roughly 3500 meters and I was still getting used to the altitude.




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