Day 8 – Traveling Around Peru

Exploring Cusco


I met with a couple people from the group and we checked out a couple of shops for random things to buy and tried out one of the pubs and restaurants. It was a pretty relaxing day and meanwhile we explored the city. There was also a story that a few of the people that went horseback riding were thrown off down a small hill but they were just bruised and everyone was ok. A few of the Aussies were nice enough to share some altitude pills and the day was pretty relaxing. There was not much else to do besides explore the area – try some Peruvian food and finally relax.

cusco-alpaca cusco-architecture cusco-church-peru cusco-courtyard-peru

That evening we decided to check out a few of the local bars and everyone had a great time dancing and drinking. The roads at night were pretty desolate as I walked back home to the hotel – roughly a little over 15-20 min away.

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