Day 9 – Traveling Around Peru

I pack all of my stuff and we are heading into the sacred valley. The Calca Province. The landscapes at the top are breath taking and we stop in a small area to try beer made from the corn farmed in the area – not my cup of tea at all – also known as Chica de Jora.Chicha-de-Jora

We then head out north to an area called Ollantaytambo to check out some pretty old ruins. I decide to stay at the bottom as the trek up to the top was pretty high but got some shots of the entire group. Surprisingly no railing of any kind – you fall – you fall! It’s simply hundreds of uneven steps in varying heights and getting down is not any easier. At this point our altitude is roughly 2800 meters.Day-9-Sacred-Valley-Peru-Map sacred-valley-girl-peru

Afterwards we head back to the hotel as many people in our group needed to rest up to be ready for the 8 hour Inca Trail Trek. I opted out of it and instead decided to go horseback riding. I was a little concerned because a few of the group members were thrown off the horses just a couple days ago and it was the same ranch company just a new location.

sacred-valley-nature-peru sacred-valley-pano-girl sacred-valley-panoramic-peru A lot of us settled in at the hotel. The view outside my bedroom was pretty relaxing – a very loud yet soothing rapids. There were also many wandering cats in the hotel and that evening we had some pretty funny moments where it seemed like a cats paw came out of nowhere in between two couch cushions coming after us. Hilarious! The next day was pretty jam packed for everyone and we got to sleep pretty early since the trekkers had to be up around 5-6 am.


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